Our representation services include, but are not limited to, team and corporate contract negotiations and creation, sponsorship relations and negotiations, both inter and intra-industry related connections, public relations, viewership agreements, and much more.

Here at Vela we believe that a “Hands On” approach is the best method when it comes to representation. We will be proactive in our representation of you, your talent and your influence. 


Our management service is a relatively unique service to offer in this field.  We are only capable of this service due to our unique backgrounds in this field. You can decide what and to what extent you want managed. Our management services include managing:


 — Your travel     We will manage all of your travel that is not          expressly managed by your team/corporate contracts


 — Your calendar    We will manage your day to day operations (this can be professional, personal or both)


 — Your social media    We will manage all of your social media accounts


 — Your meals/nutrition    We will make sure that you are eating the best possible things to maximize your mental energy output for long days of practicing and training

 — Your apparel     We will manage your attire in a professional setting (as well as personal if you want)